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Who is The SuperWindowMan and what is The Anderson Window Store?

Walt Anderson is The SuperWindowMan, a second-generation carpenter living in Lake Linden with his wife Bonnie, a couple blocks away from the high school. I've been self-employed since 10 JUL 89. I knew an old man in Florida, where I also worked construction, and where I graduated from the University of Florida, who used to say, “If diggin' a ditch makes you happy, dig it!” I enjoy carpentry but I haven't enjoyed the many headaches that come with being self-employed. By focusing more on windows, I am able to avoid a few of the headaches associated with the business. And the world needs superheroes.

Why call it The Anderson Window Store? One reason is that it is my name, Anderson, say true and thank God big-big. My old man was also a carpenter and he made windows for the Hamar-Quandt Store. He didn't stamp his name on them, but they were “Anderson” windows. I figure to give the Andersen Window Corporation a run for their money.

About ten years ago, we were installing vinyl siding and replacement windows, as well as installing a metal roof on a house in Hubbell, up behind Kramer's gas station. A lady from up the street, a dead-end gully, walked down to the job site and proclaimed matter-of-factly that she had “Anderson” windows in her house. Her name is Alice, and you might run into her at the Copper Country Mall, where she and her husband Bernie spend a lot of time, walking and talking with others that go there for the same reason. Dad made her windows about 45 years ago. But the world has moved on and window technology has advanced to such a degree that few people would want a single-pane window. Winter makes beautiful frost patterns on them. As a kid, I enjoyed making footprints with the side of my fist and fingertip toes, but today energy savings matter more. Even if your windows are newer, they could be leaking costly energy. If your gas tank had a leak you'd get it fixed, am I right? Consider the window, an opening in a well-insulated wall and consider a house with many windows, each one leaking energy, the cumulative effect of having an actual hole in that well-insulated wall. There's no need to fear, SuperWindowMan is here!

And that friends, is a little about why I am “The SuperWindowMan” and “The Anderson Window Store”.

But no, I don't have a big showroom, or a warehouse, but that means you can save money on the windows I can acquire and install in your home. I do have sample windows I can bring by your home to give you an idea of a few of the many options available in windows. So dare to compare, what do you have to lose? I make house calls and I don't spend gas driving from Marquette. The Prism window from Simonton is one of many windows I can tell you about, as well as triple-pane GrandView Great Lakes windows, Reynolds Pro-View windows, Certainteed, Marvin, Pella, as well as Andersen. I'm not beholden to any one window manufacturer and I can provide you with the options and details so that you can make a better-informed decision on your window replacement needs.

Walt Anderson, owner, licensed, insured, bonded
725 Maple Street,
Lake Linden, MI


The SuperWindowMan does windows. The SuperWindowMan has installed hundreds of windows. If your gas tank had a leak, you'd get it fixed. Your windows could be leaking costly energy. The SuperWindowMan can install EnergyStar compliant Simonton Prism windows, a super window at a super price! The price at the pump is high. The SuperWindowMan's prices are low. Dare to compare!

The SuperWindowMan does windows, from Simonton, Reynolds, Great Lakes vinyl replacement windows, to windows from Andersen, Pella, Marvin, and Vetter, wood replacement windows, basement to bay, double-hung or transom, We have vinyl siding from Norandex, too.

The SuperWindowMan has an option for the view you desire! Dare to compare!

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