New Custom Made House For Sale

New House for sale

If you’re looking for a new home, take a look at this custom-built split-level walkout basement. Maybe you’re heard the ads from one of the dealers in pre-fab homes…something along the lines of the high price of construction. Who says? Here’s a home built using local labor and craftsman, may it do ya and whereas the pre-fab market often makes the point of trying to make the sale by saying something along the lines of “only $45.00 a square foot”…I’ve heard price ranges anywhere from $45 to $90 a square foot.

The custom built home located at 1009 Aspen Drive in Lake Linden is priced at $60 a square foot and that includes everything. You don’t buy a piece of ground, and then put up a home. You don’t buy the low square foot price of the pre-fab and then pay an assortment of other fees. With this home, you get @2600 square feet, a finished basement, and you turn the key for around $60 a square foot. If you can find a better deal, let me know.

And you’ll love this location. To the east, there will never be a neighbor…there is a green zone between this property and the Village of Lake Linden’s water system. The lot across the street can be built on and it is privately owned at the time, but it’s anyone’s guess when a home may appear there. There is little traffic. The lot has a pile of trees on it. There’s a deck out back with steps leading to ground level.

The siding is from Nailite and it costs three times as much as your common vinyl siding. The roofing is from Certainteed, Landmark, and a much less expensive roofing could have been applied. Prism windows, including a bay in the kitchen, all with a lifetime warranty, offer EnergyStar savings and problem free maintenance. The entry doors are by ThermaThru and the front door costs four times as much as the one on the side. So there isn’t anything cheap about this home. Which all goes to say…to the pre-fab manufacturers and sellers…hey, who says new construction is expensive. The SuperWindowMan is offering a better quality home at a competitive price, a price that beats that offered by the pre-fab market, and this home was site built…it didn’t travel every pot-hole and bump between here and points south. And, local craftsmen built it. Support the local economy, may it do ya fine.

Check out the photos, give a call, e-mail, or swing by in the next weeks as the home will be open for your visit. Look for the signs posted on the road to Bootjack. While you’re there, take a walk down the gravel road past where the asphalt ends in front of 1009 Aspen Drive. If you walk past that building down at the end and follow the path, you can meander along the Traprock River and follow it to the first curve in the stampsand road you may have come in on.

With the high price of gasoline, you can enjoy being close enough to schools and other functions without having to live ten miles out in the country…you can take a daily walk along a peaceful river and return to the house without having to backtrack and if the lack of a garage has you down, consider this, if The SuperWindowMan can offer new construction at $60 a square foot, do you believe he can build an attached garage for that much more? I’ve built many garages and there are cost estimates available for an attached garage.

Thank you for looking! If you're house hunting, don't pass up the chance to take a look at 1009 Aspen Drive!

June 2007

Photo looking across Aspen Drive and this is what you would be looking at while standing at the kitchen sink. You would also be able to see the house if you looked toward the right of this stand of bushes and trees.
Turning to the right or the west you are looking at Garden Street.
Photo is taken from the edge of Aspen Drive, looking west at the intersection of Garden Street and Aspen Drive
That’s the neighbor’s red SUV in the right of the photo and this is looking west from directly in front of where the house will be locatednorth

This is one view from the master bedroom window, looking toward the north and your back yard, as well as a portion of the neighbor’s back yard. The red in the photo is the neighbor’s shed. Those trees will always be there, unless you cut them down; they are all on the property of 1009 Aspen Drive.

This is the view from the living room window and patio door. As you exit the living room and walk out onto the attached deck in the back, this is what you would see. Again, those trees will always be there—the property extends back through the trees 196’. There is a pond or two in the vicinity, as well as the Traprock River.

This is the view if you were to turn 180 degrees and look east along Aspen Drive. That building in the distance is associated with the water system—I believe it is a pumphouse and between where the picture has been taken and that building there will always be a green space—nobody can build between 1009 Aspen Drive and that building. If you walk down that road and continue past it, you will come to the Traprock River.

A view from the living room area of the house, as well as from the walk out basement. Those trees would be yours, they’d always be there, unless you decide to cut them, a permanent retreat from the frantic pace of life and one of nature’s many paintings.

This is taken on Garden Street approaching the property, after turning left on that stamp sand road off 9th Street in Lake Linden. That white house in the distance is your neighbor, the one with the red SUV parked in front of it, and that stand of trees to the right is 1009 Aspen Drive.

Enjoy the beauty of nature, a river where you can walk, sit and enjoy the quiet, and all within walking or short driving distance of everything you need. Interested in having a small piece of paradise? The SuperWindowMan will be offering this property for sale, complete with a 3 BR, 2 full bath, deck, walkout basement.

The SuperWindowMan Builds a House!

As he tries to stay one step ahead of the Frumious Bandersnatch, The SuperWindowMan has begun a house building project in the beautiful and historic Village of Lake Linden, Michigan.

Looking for a new home? Want to live where you have nothing but trees at the back of your home? Want to live where there is a permanent green space on the other side of your home? Move to Lake Linden, a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where everything you need is within biking distance—a large grocery store—Louie’s Super Foods, a hardware store—Quality Hardware, the Keweenaw Memorial Medical Center’s Lake Linden Health Center as well as a Portage Health Medical Group Center, including several restaurants—the Loading Zone, Lakes Dairyland, three convenience stores, two reliable automobile repair shops, as well as a wonderful school system—all within walking distance.

The SuperWindowMan has begun construction of the home of your dreams, a split-level, walkout basement, with 1330 square feet of living space on the upper level and another 1330 square feet of space in the walkout basement. This home will have three bedrooms, two full baths, a laundry, and it’s located in an area where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and still be within driving or walking distance of the other things you need. Why live miles out in the country when you can enjoy the best of both worlds and save money on gas prices at the same time?

Check back often to see the progress on the house as it takes shape. Looking for a home? Feel free to contact The SuperWindowMan for additional information or to arrange a visit to the site.

Where is it located? The home will be located in Sibilsky Acres, on the north end of Lake Linden. The street address is 1009 Aspen Drive. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a visit would tell you so much more. Heading north on M-26, continue through the Village of Lake Linden—take a look at the park as you visit—camping, swimming, playground equipment, tennis courts in the summer, an ice rink in the winter—and an incredible Fourth of July fireworks display when we celebrate our nation’s birth. You will pass the businesses mentioned above and after you pass the Lakes DairyLand you will be turning east/right, onto 9th Street, that becomes Bootjack Road if you keep going.

There are several ways to approach 1009 Aspen Drive—you could turn left on Gregory at Kiilunen Repair Works, just before the FrogWorks Sawmill and near the Portage Health Medical Group Center. Or you could continue past the sawmill on the right and continue past the storage buildings on the same side, and turn left onto the stampsand road just before the Traprock River. If you turn here, continue around the road, through the trees, and in the distance you will see a white house. The new home is next door to that white house.

If you turned left (you can only turn left here) by Kiilunen Repair works, continue north on Gregory. You could turn right/east, onto any number of intersecting streets, from 12th to 14th, and continue east until you get to Corago Street and turn left onto Corago, following it north until it eventually turns 90 degrees to the right onto Aspen Drive. 1009 Aspen Drive is the last lot on the left just past the “T” intersection with Garden Street.

Check out the photos and the additional information about that area of Lake Linden. The lot size is 18,092 square feet, measures 101.12’ on the front, 100’ on the back, 180.92’ on the west side and 196’ on the right side. For the sake of comparison, I’ve been living on a lot that measures 50’ x 100’, so 1009 Aspen Drive is four times as big.

If you’re reading this and it’s July or August, 2007, and if you’re interested in the location, interested in buying a home, it’s not too late to make arrangements to finish the basement—as it stands, that will be left unfinished, although there will be a patio door and egress windows installed for a future family room and bedrooms or whatever your imagination and desire can believe possible. The home is also being constructed with an eye toward a future attached garage. Why didn’t I complete the basement and attach a garage at the start? Money. You do what you can afford to do, or what the banks agree with. It may still be early enough to contact me and inquire about kitchen cabinets, floor coverings, windows and doors, and siding and roofing.

Click here to see more of the construction photos August

Click here to see more of the construction photos July

Map 1009 Aspen Drive

Walt Anderson, owner, licensed, insured, bonded
725 Maple Street,
Lake Linden, MI


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