The Unusual

Stained Glass for the sauna

Stained glass in the sauna. (above)

Post: "That's over an inch of water between the panes of this window! This is one reason why warranties are important. If you fork out hundreds, thousands of dollars, if you aren't handed a written warranty with your purchase, you called the wrong company. There's "before" photos of windows with ten-year warranties that failed soon after the ten years expired on the "before and after" page. Imagine trying to look at the world through this glass!"


Why is this window unusual? There's actually a bullet hole in it and it's one window in John Emerson Berry's law office, here in Lake Linden. Okay, so maybe the bullet hole is really a pellet hole, but for all that like to live vicariously, imagining being on horseback racing through town, shooting 'em up, as some juvenile delinquent did in this case, enjoy. That, or read The Regulators, by Stephen King. It's also unusual because if you look closely, you can detect the bubblegum residue from one of many plugs that sealed the hole, temporarily, until our local superhero, SuperWindowMan, installed a Simonton Prism double hung. Bubblegum only lasts so long. Ask anyone with construction experience and they'll tell you duct tape is the answer.

Perhaps it's a mistake to post a photo of vandalism on the same site where I'm trying to sell a house we're building, located in the same town, no less. I could argue the position that with an attorney in town, one already under fire, your windows aren't as appealing to the local delinquent.

Can't see the bullet hole? Hint: It's in the lower right quadrant.


We happen to spot this unusual monkey hanging on a chandelier...


The owner of this chandelier pointed out this oddity, a monkey hanging from a chandelier. A doctor for C&H lived in this house at one time, walking out his front door to the mill directly across the street, where the Lake Linden park is now situated. Wouldn't you love to know if that old doc hung this monkey on his chandelier?


This window is my favorite window-of-the-year. No, we didn't make the opening. Perhaps a French carpenter in Lake Linden did that years ago. Curiously, a window on the same wall in the next room is not as out-of-square as this one was. Perhaps the same carpenter framed that wall on the other end of town where I hung a door ten years ago, said wall being three inches out-of-plumb. The customer who owns this window told me her father used to say those French carpenters liked their wine. Obviously. Laiisez les bon temps rouler! What's the point? Well, if you have old double hung windows, single pane, with an old wood or aluminum storm, you are losing energy. Period. You can't place a can under the window and recapture that loss, as you could if your gas tank had a leak, but The SuperWindowMan can install a Simonton Prism Platinum, even in out-of-whack openings, and you save money.

Can that opening be fixed? Surely. We've gone back over the winter and installed oak extension jambs, new drywall, insulation if need be, all after the window had been replaced."

Walt Anderson, owner, licensed, insured, bonded
725 Maple Street,
Lake Linden, MI

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