The SuperWindowMan can install energy efficient and EnergyStar rated Simonton Prism windows, a super window at a super price, in your home, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Interested in a Great Lakes triple pane window? The SuperWindowMan can install that window in your home. How about Reynolds Proview windows? We can do it. Act now, before 2007 ends and the tax credit available to you ends with the closing of the year. You can place a can under a leaky gas tank, but you are unlikely to recapture the energy loss you could be experiencing if you have windows 20 years old or older.


Local artist, Lori Sleeman from Trimountain, painted several signs for the SuperWindowMan. Another working class hero, Lori is a talented artist and the signs show it. Say true and thank God big big.

Simonton Prism Oak

Simonton Prism Oak Woodgrain

Andersen Window
Simonton Prism Light
Simonton Prism

Great Lakes
Great Lakes bow window

Great Lakes Windows

Great Lakes Grandview 30 degree bay window

Andersen Bay Window
Andersen 30 degree bay window

Simonton Prism Platinum Windows w/diamond grills between the glass


Simonton Prism Platinum with obscure glass

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